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By harrison • 10 days ago • 43 views • 3 comments

Good morning to you all the great people of horilines global, i trust your weekend is moving smoothly.

I wish to bring to your notice that after a series of deliberation within the week with the CEO we have decided to remove the features that enables free members to earn and cashout only when they upgrade their accounts to the affiliate package.

Please if you notice any deduction on your earnings just know it that it was the amount you earned when you are still a free member.

However, we only allowed free members to earn our registration bonus of N100.

Thank you all......

We love you.......


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  • Mmmmmmm, still don't understand.

  • There is notthing confusing,the statement is straight forward. If you are affected, it therefore means that you were performing before you upgraded your account and those earnings you accumulated before you upgraded your account to the affiliate package were the ones deducted.Tnk u



  • Thanks for the information. Those concern should take note.

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