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Nigerian police clash with the military

By horilines • 13 days ago • 21 views • 3 comments
Nigerian police clash with the military

What happened at Ibbi, on the Ibbi-Jalingo road, in Taraba State?

Fact: Three policemen, belonging to the crack Intelligence Response Team (IRT), under tough cop, Abba Kyari, were felled by bullets, allegedly from servicemen from the Nigerian Army.  A civilian was also reportedly killed.  The claim, according to news reports, was that the killed were alleged “kidnappers”, a claim the Police have already debunked.

Fact: Alhaji Hamisu Wadume, a local philanthropist but alleged big time “kidnapper”, was reportedly in the custody of the ill-fated IRT trio, handcuffed after arrest and heading for police headquarters in Jalingo, for further processing.  He was reportedly arrested over a recent kidnap, from which N100 million ransom was allegedly paid.

In the melee, Wadume vanished; and has since been on the run.  The police claim the soldiers that attacked the IRT team sprang him, after killing the policemen, despite being showed proof that they were genuine policemen on legitimate duty.

In a follow-up development, Daily Trust reported that the Police stormed Wadume’s home in Ibbi, took away his vehicles and made mass arrests.

But what really happened at Ibbi?  That is what the authorities should find out — and find out fast!  The conjectures are just too gory to stomach.

Claims are that the IRT murder was a result of rogue clientele between a citizen (alleged cooked) and elements in the Army — not official or formal “Army”, but personal relationship allegedly compromising official duty, climaxing in alleged high crime-in-uniform, that claimed four lives.

Indeed, there were claims that the soldiers’ action was premeditated; since the junior officer that reportedly gave the IRT chase allegedly acted to save a Wadume-in-distress, after an SOS call by Wadume’s boys, on their principal’s arrest.

Indeed, the claim is that the “kidnap” angle originally came from a dummy sold by Wadume’s boys to the officer, who without much ado, despatched his soldiers to apprehend those who had “kidnapped” Wadume, who often did him — and many others in the locality — a good turn.

Indeed, the idea of Wadume being freed from “kidnappers” reportedly sent agog the local populace, gathered at the crime scene — until further facts emerged.

There are also claims that the soldiers might not have done their due diligence before attacking the policemen, with some even suggesting a cold and brutal plan, aimed at springing Wadume the benefactor, by his beneficiaries; and somewhat hoping whatever happened could be buried — and all these by servicemen bearing legal arm, donning the Army green!

What really happened at Ibbi?  The people have a right to know — and fast.

It is good the government has set up an investigating panel.  But the suggestion that some blokes could carry legal arms to free an alleged kidnapper, wasting three crack cops along the way, sends a chill down the spine!

That is why the government must act fast — and bring those indicted in the murder of the IRT 3 to justice.

Soldiers killing three policemen to spring a kidnapping suspect?  Ibbi-gate just sets you breaking out in cold sweat!

But the Police too should not go on wild indiscriminate arrests.


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  • Two messy government institutions at it again. Let them kill themselves

  • The fact is that some military boss are on the payroll of the criminal,and they must be fish out to purge the system.

    If not the animosity that will be between this two (civilian tormentors)will be so much and it will affect so many things.

  • Is this is where they want to exhibit their strenght, all along boo harams have been dealing with them.

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