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Comment on Post › Sponsored post for September 10th

Moving forward,the train is unstoppable

«  7 days ago
Comment on Post › Good Things May Come Out Of Buhari’s Next Level Agenda

Do we expect anything else from this failed man,I'm just disappointed that he can be like this.

«  8 days ago
Comment on Post › Fresh Johannesburg Xenophobic Violence

I really dont know what is wrong with black man's brain,it as nothing to do with inferiority or whatever,why is the black man behaving like caused ...

«  8 days ago
Comment on Post › Ogun State government and Access Bank have agreed to partner on the job creation

This is a good way to think,I'm so impress wiyh this new and innovative way of reasoning,it makes Ogun state stands out.

When other governo...

«  8 days ago
Comment on Post › Gunmen kill Ten in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State

We are our own problem,how can two brothers fight and kill themselves over earthly things,this is so heartbreaking,so whatvwould they say if it was...

«  8 days ago
Comment on Post › Xenophobic Attack: Over 5,000 Nigerians lost their jobs After Retaliatory Attacks On South African companies

Well not that I support the looting,but sometimes you need to proof to some people that,nobody as the monopoly of violence.

This south afri...

«  9 days ago
Comment on Post › Murder Of Mide-Madariola: A 17-year-old youth Sentenced To 16 Years' Imprisonment

Some child are just pure evil,at the tender age of 17...

«  9 days ago
Comment on Post › Movement of Nigerians from South Africa starts Today

They better come back home and live,than to stay in a foreign land where they are not wanted,Nigeria is bad,yes we know,but we all made Nigeria wha...

«  10 days ago
Comment on Post › Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid athletes in world sports

Some are destined for greatness,so don't let your past or present level,affect your future.

This was a boy from the average or poor income ...

«  10 days ago
Comment on Post › Why Brazilians feels home in Nigeria in spite fraud, kidnapping — Consul General Bandeira

Very interesting read,I really appreciate the man's truthfulness and clear way of explaining things.

Really Nigeria and Brazil have so many...

«  10 days ago
Comment on Post › Sponsored post for September 7thWeldone to the moderators,keep doing the good work,moving ahead...
«  10 days ago
Comment on Post › Sponsored post for September 5th

Though greatly annoyed,but I believe in perseverance and I believe all will be well.

«  12 days ago
Comment on Post › Sponsored post for September 2nd

Read news and get paid

«  15 days ago
Comment on Post › Ganduje vows to sue Wike over alleged demolition of mosque

This is how the northern leader break and cause problems in the country through religious intolerance,and what is painful is that a sitting governo...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › Africa import $50bn worth of food annually – AfDB

Africa is indeed a failed continent,with bad leaders and docile people,imagine what the Africa continent is wasting on food importation,when we are...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › BBNaija4: I need my girlfriend back, Tacha’s boyfriend cries out

This irresponsible program,but this is when you'll see Nigeria youth analyse love and feelings like a political business.

Didn't he knows t...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › Yahaya Bello begged to reconcile with Simon Achuba

I pray the devil tightens is stronghold on the heart of the two losers,and let them never reconcile,which will be beneficial to the people of Kogi ...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › #Stopthecoup: Protests erupt in UK cities against Boris Johnson

Every place with its own peculiar problem,the British as gotten their own Trump in person of Boris Johnson,and Nigeria is making do wih our failure...

«  17 days ago

Thats moderator,more grease to elbow,let keep the ministry moving...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › Fear grips Nigerian migrants as UK rejects woman who had spent 55 years

What is the world turning to?...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › Stray bullet kills graduate

May his soul rest in peace,I know he has gone to rest,away from this sinful world,and a terrible place called Nigeria.

Where he had to suff...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › LG Election: One Die as Rival APC Supporters Clash in Niger

The foolishness of the followers is unqualified,...

«  17 days ago
Comment on Post › Nigeria’s Helen Joseph boosts boxing record with win over Hungary’s Horgasx

It's good for her career,great work "iron lady"

This is tge type of woman,that should marry those wife beater of a man,so that the fight wi...

«  18 days ago
Comment on Post › Crisis rocks Kogi PDP as three aspirant set to be disqualified

This is when this crazy disappointing party needs to get it acts to gather,and form a formidable accord,so as to defeat the failed government of ye...

«  18 days ago
Comment on Post › Weekend treat: How to prepare peppered snails

Hmmmm,adult meat deliciously sweety good meat...

«  18 days ago
Comment on Post › President Buhari attends Plenary on Solving Security Challenges in Africa at TICAD 7, Yokohama.

God where is thy face,rescue the nation from all the vultures and dead brains,release the nation from the clutches of failures and begging in the m...

«  18 days ago
Comment on Post › N20m alleged property fraud: Lawyer, client drags EFCC to court

EFCC is not above mistake,but they behavr like they know it all,even the FBI too makes mistakes sometimes,but are human enough to admmit,but our al...

«  19 days ago
Comment on Post › Toni Kroos returns to German squad for Euro 2020 qualifiers

If you are good,you are good,he was left out befoer,and his space as shown that his expertise is needed,

Good players dont hide,even if the...

«  19 days ago
Comment on Post › JUST IN: Japan pledges token $413,000 aid for Nigeria

See what this man as reduced Nigeria to...

«  19 days ago
Comment on Post › BREAKING: Gov Bello wins Kogi APC gov primary

Congrats to him,the best news so far this month,at least the people of kogi will be saved,with the disastrous performance of the failed and disappo...

«  19 days ago
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Congratulations to u guy's


Abi congrats to all the successful candidates,our days are coming soon.


«  August 04, 2019, 06 PM
Comment Quaotes On Posts › Omokri to Adesina: Herdsmen killed Pa Fasoronti’s daughter not armed robbers



Yes it's wasn't armed robbers these people are Fulani herdsmen, the police man don't want to be open.

But it was reported that the men had face mask,so how do we know if they are fulanis

Don't get me wrong,I'm not their fan or do I support mr failure,but I believe we as people should not play politics with human lives

The issue of insecurity in the country is alarming,and we are supposed to have a president,I weep for this country


«  July 14, 2019, 11 AM
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